there are no fixed office hours

Supervision: he is a sailor of the contract and the contract’s success totally depends on his leadership abilities.
Mediating Skills: being a contract manager, you might have to crack deals according to the most convenient grounds for both parties. So one ought to have some negotiation skills.
No office Hours: for a contract manager, . These professionals are expected to work around the clock for the amelioration of entity. So, he must be one who can dedicate maximum hours to his office cabin and contracts.
Reviewer: being a contract manager, you will be exploring various bids, tenders and brain twisting contracts with minimum scopes of finding a loophole. So being a contract manager, you have to be a person of eyes and acumen, who knows how to locate the weakness or strength within a contract.
Quality and Quantity: being a contract manager, he need to check quantity and quality on regular basis because he is the only channel who conveys the requirement from first end to the last end and results from last end to first end.
Qualifications and Expertise required
What are the essential requirements for A Contract Manager?

Educational and other mandatory qualifications:

It is quite obvious that work of contract manager is more practice oriented than bookish knowledge. But these professionals are supposed to have minimum educational qualifications such as:

An associated bachelor’s degree from any government accredited university or education institute.
Each entry level, middle level and senior level contract managers must have certifications of Certified Commercial Contract Manager, Certified Federal Contract Manager and Certified professional Contract Manager respectively
License and Certification Requirements:

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